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We have handled a wide range of flat roof installation and repair projects throughout the GTA area. Our team by your side, you don’t have to worry because we make quality work our priority.

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Specializing in Commercial Flat Roofing

Count on Tri Master Roofing to exceed all your expectations for new flat roof installation and flat roof repair. We specialize in working with single-ply flat roofing systems, such as flat PVC roofing, for commercial and industrial buildings. You can save a lot of money by switching to the newer flat roofing systems that we have to offer. Plus, we maintain and repair any leaks or other issues with your flat roof.

All of our installation and repair work on single-ply flat roofing systems is fully protected by warranties on labour and materials lasting up to 15 years. If the flat roof can be repaired, Tri Master Roofing will take care of it. Schedule your free flat roof inspection with us. Call today!

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Flat Roof Repairs

Repairing a flat roof in Toronto is providing first aid to your ailing roof, and we consider it the most effective form of prevention you could ever give to your building.


Commercial Flat Roofing in Toronto Area

All of our work complies with manufacturer specifications and the flat roof will be fully inspected afterward. PVC, EPDM, TPO, SBS Flat Roofing System, Built-Up Roofing


Flat Roof Evaluation

Tri Master Roofing conducts an evaluation of the existing flat roof system involving a visual inspection of indoor leaks and the flat roof itself.


Roof Inspection & Maintenance

For most property owners, flat roof maintenance is out of sight and out of mind. Tri Master Roofing makes continued care a priority by providing commercial and industrial flat roof maintenance services.


Design & Estimate Flat Roof

We begin the process of creating a flat roof design and estimate. Based on your existing flat roof conditions, we typically offer two solutions: a new flat roof or a replacement flat root.


Custom Metal Roof Curb Fabrication

we build is handled with the same special attention to detail for any Roof System. PVC, EPDM, TPO, SBS Flat Roofing System, Built-Up Roofing

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Do you own a 25,000 sq foot building or more? You can get a grant of $5/square meters in the city of Toronto.

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Our team of commercial and industrial roofers has what it takes to ensure that your next flat roofing project is executed efficiently, on-time and within budget. We are among one of the top flat roofing companies in the Toronto area.

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