We specialize in working with single-ply roofing systems, such as flat PVC roofing, for commercial and industrial buildings.

PVC Flat Roofing System

PVC flat roofing is one of the most durable, high-performance flat roofing systems in industry. In any geographical location, PVC holds its own against any other type of single-ply roofing. Available in numerous colors, it also provides the most customizable roofing details in the flat roof industry. With the luxury of heat-weldable seams, decorative details, and custom colors, PVC stands alone and is the most high-performance single-ply in the roofing industry.

TPO Flat Roofing System

TPO flat roofing membranes are highly attractive in regions with more cooling degree days – when cooling equipment is used – than heating degree days. TPO membranes reflect UV radiation keeping the surface of the roof and the building cool during summer months. This helps reduce cooling costs, and also decreases the amount of carbon emissions.

EPDM Flat Roofing System

Ethylene propylene diene monomer, better known as EPDM is a versatile rubber roofing membrane that has been used in the low-slope commercial flat roofing industry for over half century. EPDM offers a variety of installation options and numerous long term benefits, such as superior weatherability, exceptional wind uplift resistance, extreme flexibility and more. Tri Master Roofing leader in single-ply system has the experience to install any EPDM Roofing system. Call US today for your free consultation.

SBS Flat Roofing System​

Waterproofing Systems: 2-Ply SBS Membrane Systems. SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) Modified Bituminous sheet waterproofing is prefabricated elastomeric membranes that are reinforced with mats consisting of polyester, fibreglass or a combination of both reinforcement types. SBS modified bituminous membranes are available in varied thicknesses with specific physical properties to satisfy the demands of particual waterproofing conditions as well as surface finishes that facilitate various application methods.

Experts In Commercial & Industrial Flat Roofing Installation & Repair

Tri Master Roofing specializes in flat roofing projects for commercial and industrial clients in Ontario. Everything will be done right the very first time our service foreman inspects your roof. Even on projects that require a full crew to be on-site for weeks, we have you covered.


Quality Materials

You can count on our roofing experts to customize your flat roof with the highest-quality materials. We install the best flat roofing systems in the market, giving all clients a 15- to 25-year warranty. Our flat roofing systems can be adapted for any flat roof type and level of complexity.

We specialize in working with single-ply roofing systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

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