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As a popular style of roofing for buildings throughout the Toronto. GTA Area, flat roofs are often a cost-effective and energy-efficient design choice for both residential and commercial properties.

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Roof Evaluation

The first time Tri Master Roofing visits a new location, we conduct an evaluation of the existing roof system. This involves a visual inspection of indoor leaks and the roof itself. We check for defects and troublesome areas that could be causing problems within the building. Depending on the condition and the scope of work being considered, this may be conducted by our project manager. For a contract quote, we also record measurements of the roof, obtain a core analysis, making sure to clean up afterwards; and take pictures of the defect areas. Infrared moisture analysis is also included. All of this allows us to create a roof design and estimate. For buildings that only require minor repair, this work can be completed on a time-and-materials basis, often up to a pre-determined maximum value.

Roof Design & Estimate

Following the roof evaluation, we begin the process of creating a flat roof design and estimate. Based on your existing roof conditions, we typically offer two solutions: installation or service work.

Roof Installation

Once the design and estimate is accepted, we order materials and schedule the installation. All of our work complies with manufacturer specifications and the roof will be fully inspected afterwards. If the roof system is not installed properly, the warranty will not be issued until all errors are corrected. For some contractors, this means never requesting or receiving a warranty. However, every single roof installed by Tri Master Roofing has received the warranty promised. Many of our roofs are highlighted by the manufacturers themselves as examples of exemplary work. Depending on the scope of work, installing a flat roof often entails the following:

- Ballast Removal
- Delivery Of Materials
- Existing Roof Removal
- Rigid Insulation Installation
- Roofing System Membrane Installation
- Inspection & Warranty Award

New Roof Installation & Retrofit

Reviewing all information and the existing flat roof system, we design a custom flat roof estimate to match your building's type and the unique requirements of your operation. This includes choosing flat roofing membrane and insulation to meet your building's code requirements. We also custom-design the edge metal system, gutter system and other details visible from the ground to match the aesthetics of your building. With a design in place, we create a thorough proposal that includes pictures and analysis to show why replacement is needed and estimate all costs. Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will schedule the job for installation.

Service Work

If service work is recommended, we provide solutions at a contract price or a time-and-materials rate. Following acceptance, you are put in direct contact with our service foreman, who will always be the same person who repairs or maintains your building. This allows our foreman to be familiar with your unique needs and perform work as efficiently and effectively as possible.​

Roof Maintenance & Repair

For most property owners, roof maintenance is out of sight and out of mind. Tri Master Roofing makes continued care a priority by providing commercial and industrial roof maintenance services. With our semiannual fall and spring service program, a service foreman will be available to catch small issues, such as clearing drains and patching holes, before they become big problems. We also try to remove wildlife on your roof but cannot make any guarantees. Membrane shrinking, seam stripping, or extensive penetrations in the roof system will require a separate quote for repair work.

Fixing Leaks in Your Roof

Stop leaks, prevent future problems, and delay the need for replacement with roof repairs. Seams failing or voids popping up in heat-welded roofs commonly cause leaks. We can help extend the life of your existing roof system through repair work.

What Our Costumers say

Tri Master Roofing was hired to remove our existing roof and install a new flat roof. Their guys were polite, professional, and expedient. Our new Flat roof, gave our property the new face lift it has been needing for the last 15 years! Thanks Tri Master Roofing!

Jacobs, Mississauga, ON

Tri Master Roofing was hired to make the repairs on one of our commercial flat roofs. Tri Master Roofing was able to make the necessary repairs to buy us a few years to save up for a new roof. Very satisfied that Rivera was able to give us an honest evaluation of our situation. We will be hiring Tri Master Roofing for our next flat roof.

Debra, Toronto, ON

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We specialize in working with single-ply roofing systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

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