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Commercial Flat Roof Projects

All of our work complies with manufacturer specifications and the flat roof will be fully inspected afterwards.

60 Saramia Cres, Concord ON

We tore off the flat roof to install new plywood, Vapor Barrier and new insulation separation board and Mechanical Fastener.

We installed new flat roof PVC Duro-Last 50mill rhinobond system as per manufacture specification.

We Specializing in Commercial Flat Roofs

Flat Roof Inspection

There was exiting repairs in the roof and it need immediate assistant.


Flat Roofing

One-piece custom prefabricated curb flashings are made to the exact size of the units on your flat roof. Other systems require hand cutting and the fitting of as many as eight pieces of material for each curb. The result? Less labour and a more efficient installation

Tri Master Roofing offers several drainage products, including gutters, downspouts, scuppers, and collector boxes. These products are ideal for channeling water away from a building

Parapet and wall flashing details are prefabricated to fit these surfaces exactly, eliminating on-site labour and material waste. If required by the project, flashings can be made to completely wrap the parapet, providing waterproof protection against leaks related to aged wall surfaces.

Flat Roofing

After Installing one-piece custom prefabricated curb flashing

We specialize in working with single-ply roofing systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

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Free Inspection Includes:

– Free inspection by Professional Roofer.

– Visual flat roof Inspection on the side.

– Infrared Flat Roof Inspection with thermal imaging camera.

– Flat Roofing and waterproofing consulting

– Free Flat Roof Inspection Report.

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