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Flat Roof Repair Service

With scheduled roof inspections we can locate and repair small problems before they become large, damaging leaks. During our inspections, our trained staff will look for and remedy open pipe flashings, open field seams and caulk joints, plugged drains and rooftop debris. We can help you get the most out of your roofing investment.


We have the experience to understand whether repair or replacement is needed, and can provide builders owners with a free roofing estimate and options for repair or replacement. Our inspections not only find the obvious roof problems, but also the not-so-obvious, which could eventually cause significant problems and possibly premature failure.
Tri Master Roofing Our Project Curb Flashings Before C1
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Emergency Roof Repairs

We understand that many roofs suffer from unexpected damage. This is why Tri Master Roofing offers fast and effective emergency roof repairs 24/7 across the Great Toronto Area.

Weather extremes in and around the Toronto area are brutal on roofing systems. Heavy rains, wind and hail can damage commercial, and industrial roof systems. Winter winds, heavy snow fall, temperature extremes causing expansion and contraction and freeze, thaw cycles can wreak havoc with most roof systems.

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We specialists in Commercial Flat Roof Repair.

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We specialize in solve your single-ply roofing systems for commercial and industrial buildings problems.

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Free Inspection Includes:

– Free inspection by Professional Roofer.

– Visual roof Inspection.

– Infrared Roof Inspection with thermal imaging camera.

– Roofing and waterproofing consulting

– Roof management and maintenance programs

– Free Inspection Report.

– Fee Estimate

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